We asked some of the children to give us insights into how we've supported them since we started in 2010

I am Simon, I am 18 years old and HIV positive. My mother died while giving birth to me. My grandmother took over to bring me up, she has struggled with me as she is also sick with diabetes and high blood pressures and ageing now (70yrs old). 


Before Wamumbi Orphan Care I was going two days with no food. One thing I remember is that when Martha visited us in our home the first time, she really cried because I was very thin and weak, almost ready to die the next hour. That same day she brought us food which was enough to carry us for a whole month and which was like a miracle to us.

Since we joined the group we have benefited a lot, with so many things, not only food but also kitchen gardens, counselling and above all giving us courage in life. I met several children in Wamumbi Orphan Care who are like me, HIV positive and this gave me a lot of courage and hope in life as I share a lot with them. Now am a very strong gentleman with high hopes in life thanks to the organisation, and my prayer is for it to expand and reach many more HIV positive children around Kangema.”

"My name is Jakes, I was left orphaned by both of my parents when I was still young and in primary school. After the death of my parents, my brother and I landed in the hands of my grandparents who are now 75 and 82 years old.

Luckily a close friend of mine was a beneficiary of Wamumbi Orphan Care. He shared with me about the organisation and instructed me how I can contact Martha who is the leader of the group and after one week we received a very positive report that we were part of the group.

Since then our lives have changed drastically. I cleared from high school last month (November 2015) having been sponsored with a full secondary school scholarship. Also as a household, we have really benefited from a kitchen garden, chickens, and above all workshop training from the experts who are brought in for guidance and counselling by Wamumbi Orphan Care. This has really helped me to face life with courage and confidence and my prayer is to give back to the organisation in the future.


I am a witness of so many orphaned children in our home village who have benefited through this organisation and am trusting that it will expand and reach out to many more orphans in our area who still need their support.” (Jakes)

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October 2018

This month we received a wonderful donation of solar lights from Jaguar Land Rover, enough for all our children and guardians. This will make a huge difference - it means the children can study in the evenings and other chores can be done much more easily after it gets dark.

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