2014 was a very busy year for us, we started the year by supporting our teenagers with secondary school and practical training courses, followed by a beadwork workshop in February, setting seedbeds to continue with kitchen gardening and ensuring all our families were getting the support they needed.

Wamumbi Orphan Care workshops in 2014

The main workshops in 2014 were beadwork in February, a two day sharing workshop for our guardians, an eight day residential counselling workshop for our teenage girls, and a two day music workshop all during the school holidays in August.

Wamumbi Orphan Care group meetings in 2014

We had a number of group meetings in 2014 to work out our strategy for the year and to discuss any issues. Besides regular project management committee meetings, we had a big get together at Christmas with all the children and their guardians.

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October 2018

This month we received a wonderful donation of solar lights from Jaguar Land Rover, enough for all our children and guardians. This will make a huge difference - it means the children can study in the evenings and other chores can be done much more easily after it gets dark.

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