We always welcome ideas for fundraising and will provide as much support as we are able to those of you who would like to organise and run a fundraising event for us. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and see how we can work together. We would love to hear from you!


Here are some fundraising ideas that can be both fun and raise a bit of money:


Dress down day at work – people taking part donate £1, those who don’t pay £2.


Cake break! – Ask colleagues to bring in cakes to eat during coffee time. Cut into slices or even sell whole cakes for people to take home.


Promise auction - Hold an auction of promises during your lunch break, via email, or during an evening social. Get everyone involved to donate a "promise" depending on what they have to offer! A drive in a fancy car, a morning of making tea/coffee for everyone in the office, a salsa lesson, an aromatherapy massage...The possibilities are endless...!


Pub quiz - Invite colleagues, friends and family to form teams for a pub quiz at your local. Each team pays to enter and the winning team is rewarded with a prize - you could see what the pub would be willing to offer as a prize to lower your costs and to raise more money for the charity!


'What are they saying?!' Best caption competition - Get a photo of a well known person within your organisation such as the Head of Department, Chief Executive or Managing Director, doing something they wouldn't normally do or with an odd expression on their faces (wifes/husbands can be good suppliers of photos!). Photocopy the picture onto an A4 sheet with a blank line, for people to enter their name and caption. Charge for each entry with a cash prize back of, say, 50% of the proceeds. Elect a panel of judges beforehand and announce the winning caption (1st, 2nd and 3rd) at the end of the event.


Guess the baby competition – Ask everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as babies and make a poster of all the photos with names of everyone down the side of the poster. Take it around your workplace and everyone pays to enter the competition. The person who matches the most people to the right baby wins!


Feeling competitive? - If you're into sports, organise a charity games league at work or at your local pub or youth club. There might be a pool table or table football nearby that you can use to draw up a league table that pits people against one another. You could even extend this to board games or card games and have a championship. The overall winner could get a trophy or prize.


Treasure hunt - Plan a route to be followed by car or on foot through local towns or villages. Hide directions in cryptic clues given to teams at the start of the hunt. Add interest by giving competitors questions to answer or asking them to collect various items (e.g. a lump of coal, yesterday's newspaper) en-route. Make a note of each entrant’s mileage at thestart of the event and make the winner the one with the lowest mileage at the end and/or the greatest number of marks. Remember to try out the route a week before the event. If it is to take place in the summer, finish with a barbecue or barn dance.


Jail break – Lots of blagging may be needed for this one! Teams of two are each given £5 and have 24 hours to get to the furthest point. Get your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your epic journey! Photographic proof may be required...!


Fancy dress party night! – Organise a themed party night for your friends. It could be Pop Stars or Rock Stars, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or have a seasonal theme like Halloween/Easter/Christmas.


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February 2016

Despite facing some challenges at the start of this year we are continuing to support our teenagers through secondary school and those doing vocational courses with money we have managed to fundraise from family and friends. We're in the process of making grant applications to ensure we can continue our work into the future. Sad news this month is that one of our grandmothers has passed away leaving behind the two siblings she was caring for, we will do our best to support them as they go through this difficult time. 

September 2015

We are currently supporting 15 teenagers through the third term of secondary school, with two more being sponsored by Equity Bank. In August we ran two sexual health workshops, one for our guardians and members of the wider community, and the other for all our teenagers 11yrs+. This was in collaboration with the ABCs of Sex Education who did a fantastic job, bringing a great sense of humour into an otherwise serious topic. We have also run four more successful workshops this year in April, May and August. Theatre, art, music and counselling through this medium is having a transformative effect on all our children. They are noticeably less depressed, more confident, and building strong relationships with their peers and guardians.

April 2015

This month we're holding two workshops during the Easter holidays for our youngsters - one is a 10 day residential theatre and art therapy workshop and the other is a four day music workshop. We're excited to be able to give the children this opportunity to learn and grow in such creative spaces!

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